Tuesday, June 5, 2012

last blog

My first road trip to Cleveland,
For a reason I had never expected.
Four long hours of trying to
Keep my mascara from running
Down my face, only talk
Of the great memories, because
That’s all we can do now. 
I can’t believe you did that.
Why? You surprised everyone,
No one can understand. It makes
No sense. Here one day, gone
The next. All we have now are
Memories. The gas mask, paying
Delivery drivers for rides to the
Bars, no one did the crazy things
You did. The countless nights we
Only have flashes of, but know
Were the best nights. The weekends
Will never be the same. Who will
Watch our dog? Who will we watch our
Tuesday shows with? It was too
Soon, we had plans. It doesn’t feel  
Real, it can’t be real right? I wish you
Could explain, that’s all everyone
Needs right now. But I know you
Can’t do that, I know we’ll never
Get the answer. 

Artist statement
 When I first began writing poetry in this class I thought for some reason that I always had to make them rhyme so I did for a while but I’m so glad I got out of that. I struggled at first with adding imagery to my poetry, which is something I struggle with in writing as usual. I feel like I’m getting the hang of writing better poetry but of course now the class is over.  

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  1. Another very powerful topic and your poem has some great lines. The best are when you're using very specific imagery about gas masks, mascara, delivery drivers.

    I'm sorry there've been some tough things for you to go through, but I hope writing these poems has helped a little bit.